Twelve years ago, higher-end, quality Hungarian dry wines were virtually non-existent on the American Wine scene. Back then, Select Wines was already marketing cutting-edge selections from Hungary's most notable exporter, Monarchia Kft., based in Budapest. Today, Hungarian dry wines have positioned themselves as a serious contender for top honors in "hottest new category." Since the fall of communism, with over 1000 years of winemaking tradition, Hungarian wines have quickly recaptured attention through extraordinary quality across several varietals in both red and white wines. Arguably, Hungary is the next Austria, but with more breadth and a diversity of red wines that Austria can only dream of. Select Wines is pleased to continue to be on the forefront of offering one of the most extensive, quality oriented dry wine selection from Hungary, once again featuring the best Monarchia Kft., still the leading exporter of Hungarian wines, brings to the market.

The company Monarchia Kft. was founded in 2000 to help nurture the renaissance of Hungarian wines by seeking out an array of Hungary's finest producers and bringing their wines directly to discerning wine lovers around the world. Wine lovers who demand excellent quality and value, but also want to discover impressive new vintages from some of the world's most distinctive - yet not so commonly known - wine regions.

By working with several of Hungary's finest producers - including international award winners Tamas Pok, Ferenc Takler, Zoltan Demeter, the Vylyan Winery, and the famed Tokaj Hetszolo - Monarchia Kft. has arguably assembled the finest collections of wines in Hungary.

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