QUESTION: Why do you charge sales tax on wine shipped from out of state? ANSWER: We are required by law to complete sales in the location where the state wine license applies for the warehouse filling that order and are subject to that state's sales tax. We have been advised by experts in this area that this is the lawful way to handle the sale of beverages containing alcohol. If you purchase wine from a vendor that does not charge sales tax beware since you are most often legally subject to the use tax in your state. Thus the vendor is putting the burden and liability on you.

QUESTION: How can you ship to Florida? I thought it was a felony state for wine shipping? ANSWER: We have a Florida licensed store and warehouse in the State of Florida that processes all Florida-bound orders. Similar to other states we operate in.

QUESTION: What states don't you have the ability to ship to? ANSWER: Utah, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, Nevada, and Massachusetts.

QUESTION: How do I get FREE SHIPPING? ANSWER: Purchase any 12 bottles from the FREE SHIPPING page. If you do not purchase 12 bottles from the page, our regular low priced shipping will apply.

QUESTION: Can you arrange shipments to Alaska and Hawaii? ANSWER: Call 914-273-1000 for special shipping rates for these zones. Please note that UPS charges in these states are higher.

QUESTION: Can you ship wines internationally? ANSWER: Select Wines LLC is in the process of establishing a relationship with a European partner to deliver from their temperature controlled facilities within western and eastern Europe. Call or email us to learn current status. Otherwise we do not ship internationally.

"Case discount price" reflects a 10% case discount (5% on Sparkling Wines) for any mixed-case purchase of 12 bottles or more shipped to a single address. "Special prices" (e.g. on gift sets) are final prices for any order, and these bottles also count toward a 12-bottle minimum to qualify for a case discount. FOR ALL OTHER ORDERS OF FEWER THAN 12 BOTTLES IN TOTAL, REGULAR PRICES WILL BE APPLIED WHEN WE PROCESS YOUR FINAL INVOICE.

Please note that some wine label images on the site may be out of date. Refer to text for exact product description.

Ship within New York for just $12.99 per case! See our "Info" page for shipping rates to other states and for our licensed showroom locations. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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