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2009 Tertulia Redd Brand Syrah
ColorDark, saturated red
BodyMedium full bodied
RegionWalla Walla, Washington
Rating90 CP
Food PairingBBQ, game, roasts, hard cheeses
Tertulia CellarsRedd Brand Syrah
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This Syrah is a complex mix 87.5% Syrah, 6.25% Tempranillo and 6.25% Merlot, 100% from the Walla Walla Valley. The first wiff off the nose is of salt brine intermingled with pomegranate and dark chocolate. As the wine opens herbs de Provence are revealed. In the mouth the palate fills with soft, mouth coating tannins and beautiful acidity lingers, making this wine an ideal food pairing with roasted meats, especially lamb.

In short: SPECTACULAR Syrah at the price point, and easily worth twice the money.

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