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2006 Demeter Fobor
ColorMedium Gold
BodyFull bodied
RegionTokaj, Hungary
Rating93 CP
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There is literally nothing quite like this wine produced by anyone else in Tokaj, period. Demeter Zoltan, who is arguably THE star in Tokaj, firmly believes the Tokaj should not be an oxidized, near sherry-like dessert wine but should instead taste fresh and vibrant, much like a German Beerenauslese or Alsatian SGN. He's even gone to the extreme of creating an entire new category for this style of wine; hence the name "Fobor." ("Bor" is Hungarian for wine.)

A mere 10 cases of this stunning second release of Fobor remain in our importer's warehouse--grab your bottles today and enjoy 2006 Demeter Fobor for 2+ decades to come.

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